ISAT 2019 (en)

The 5th International Symposium of Art and Technology (ISAT) 2019

August 30 to September 1, 2019
Taipei City, Taiwan

Theme: Radical – Engagement – Disruption (R.E.D.)


Workshop: August 30
Conference: August 31-September 1
Venue: TDC 201, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, Taipei City, Taiwan


The 5th International Symposium of Art and Technology (ISAT) 2019, co-organized by the Graduate Institute of Architecture (GIA), National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) and the Art and Technology Association Taiwan (ATATW), is a celebration and benchmark for Taiwan’s academic researches and practices in the field of arts and technology. This year we try to explore three emerging tendencies of contemporary new media art and technological art: Radical, Engagement, and Disruption.

  • Radical: media artists stand on the frontier of their belief and instruments. They do bold actions and experiments with pure, curious, and courageous mind.
  • Engagement: Artists turn art into an ingredient of everyday life and the catalyst of social evolutions. They make art social, permeable, and accessible for all.
  • Disruption: Artists treat art as a weapon of mind evolution. They democratize art by open toolkits. They hack the world by art and disrupt our way of thinking.

In the past decades, the primary development of new media art was in the exploration of form, representation, interpretation, tool & media, as well as materials. Avant-garde media artists armed with advanced technologies, learned from connected knowledge, and empowered by own critical mind and interpretations, are able to do more than before. Art activists sprawl in two directions: embracing fundamental properties of digital media and go radical, or immerse in the community and use art as the enabler of social change. There are fearless ones go beyond these realms by developing tools and works in advanced sciences and technologies, such as biotechnology and artificial intelligence. Artists are disobedience, and it is the norm.

We expect the participants to share and learn from each other in this conference and hope to cultivate ideas and means to the fusion of media arts and sciences in Taiwan.

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Schedule (tentatively)

  • Friday, August 30th
    • Morning & Afternoon: Workshops
  • Saturday, August 31st
    • Morning: Opening ceremony & Keynote speech by Gunalan Nadarajan
    • Afternoon: Paper sessions & forum
    • Evening: Conference dinner
  • Sunday, September 1st
    • Morning: Keynote speech by Hiromi Ozaki (Sputniko!), paper sessions
    • Afternoon: Paper sessions & forum


The main conference hall is in TDC 201 meeting room, Songshan Creative and Cultural Park (SCCP), Taipei City.

Host Institutions


  • Institute of Applied Arts, NCTU
  • Transdisciplinary Design & Innovation Shop (TDIS), NCTU
  • Taiwan Design Center (TDC)